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Serving Only the Best Since 1995

Brooks Meat Packers provides fresh and cured meats as well as custom cutting and processing.

Brooks Meat Packers – Custom Butcher in Brooks

Welcome to Brooks Meat Packers! We are a custom butcher in Brooks, Alberta, providing a variety of fresh meat cuts as well as in-store made sausage, jerky, ham, and bacon. Along with our custom cutting and processing of inspected meat, we also provide processing for uninspected wild game. Hunters can come to us for all their game processing needs. Provincially inspected, we have been locally owned and operated since 1995 and are a proud member of the Brooks community. We always have different products available at our retail counter, so please stop in today for a visit to see what we have to offer. We love talking with our clients and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Fresh and Cured Meats

We stock a wide variety of fresh and cured meats at our retail counter. Whether you need a lot or a little, our custom vacuum-sealed package sizes will make sure you have enough to feed everyone. Don’t forget to ask about our draw prizes that you can be entered to win with minimum purchase. Our products include:

Lean ground round
Ground beef
Ground pork
Blood sausage
Blood pudding
White pudding
Pork roasts
Pork cutlets
Pork chops
And more

Promotions and Special Offers

24 hour emergency slaughter

House-Made Flavoured Sausage

From honey garlic to chorizo, we stock delicious flavoured sausage made in-house.

Are You a Hunter?

We offer custom cutting and processing of uninspected wild game.

Top-Grade Meats

Our service keeps happy customers coming back for more.

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