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Custom Slaughtering in Brooks

At Brooks Meat Packers, we are a hunter’s best choice for custom slaughtering in Brooks of uninspected wild game. We skin, clean, cape, cut, and wrap your game quickly and efficiently. We even provide a 24 hour emergency service when the job just can’t wait until we are open. Not limited to only cutting, we can also process your game into sausage and jerky if you desire. Stop in and have a chat with one of our friendly staff to discuss your options.

Our custom slaughter services include:

Custom slaughtering and processing

24 hour emergency slaughter
Wild game processing


$25.00 Deer
$55.00 Elk
$60.00 Moose


Cleaning starts at $20.00 if animal is brought in already skinned


Price is negotiable


$0.85/lb (over 100lbs)
$85.00/lb (under 100lbs)
Grinding $0.35/lb
Disposal $15.00

Friendly Service & Quality Products Since 1995

Stop in to see our selection of fresh meat and house-made sausages at Brooks Meat Packers.

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